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Satisfied Denture Patient with Before and After. The patient is first shown with an existing ill fitting denture the flopped down with a metal partial that did not even fit and hurt the patient. Now with a solid upper acrylic denture, the patient recently went out for a steak dinner. And a lower pink light weight partial that fits great for the patient!

Paul Brooks Noland DMD

Cercon crowns chosen for this case to decrease chance of fracturing restorations due to para-functional class II occlusion. Before e.Max was available. There was a existing large lingual composite with recurrent decay on #9

Two Front Teeth

Now with eMax you can see how life-like Lithium Disilicate can appear on #6 Canine in this photo.Paul Brooks Noland DMD eMax crowns

Cervical decay repaired using O Cord with Hemodent and TPH3 composite.

Recurrent Decay

These teeth appeared to have no recurrent decay when looking at digital radiographs. However, there were multiple occlusal open margins with marginal recurrent decay and significant decay under restorations #3 and #4. Grey soft decayed dentin with removed with small spoons and #6 round bur on slow speed. VitraBond was placed 0.5mm on dentin floor to protect the nerve and prevent sensitivity. No post-operative problems 4 years later.

Open Margins and Recurrent Decay


Patient was very happy with these esthetics. #30 now has full cuspal coverage to prevent further fracturing of natural tooth structure. #31 was replaced with TPH3 occlusal composite.

Composite and porcelain onlay

A conservative approach upholding the research that bonded restorations can provide some cuspal support while restoring margin integrity. Future crowns may be placed for full cuspal coverage and a better aesthetic.

Conservative Composites

Occlusal marginal decay from creeping alloy can be seen on #31 restored with a composite filling.Right lower quadrant composites

Two visits with Temporaries
Final restoration photo available in near future.

    One Visit With Temporaries
Final restoration photo available in near future.

Single Implant Restoration Paul Brooks Noland DMD

Single Impant Restorations

Single Implant Restoration Paul Brooks Noland DMD